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Neubau Praxis für Strahlentherapie Magdeburg


Medizinischer Standort, Arztpraxis


The aim and challenge of the project was to create a building that, in addition to the usual and self-evident functional focus of a medical care centre, recognizes design language as a necessary and vital quality for the effective treatment ofthe patients.

On an urban scale,the building is designed to adapt in the scattered surrounding characterized bya mix of buildings with different scales and functions. Stepping back from the street alignment, the shifting mass creates a harboured forecourt leading to the main entrance. The staggered top floor takes the front of the building furtherback, easing its mass toward the small-scale residences to the south.


PEK Immobilien GbR


Hellestraße 12
D-39112, Magdeburg


LP 1-5, LP 6-8 Künstlerische Bauoberleitung




1.330m² BGF


Leigh Lisbão Underwood
Eric Thußbas


Iconic Awards 2021


AIV Building of the Year


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In Zusammenarbeit mit

Bjørn Hoffmann

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Due to their specifications, the radiation treatment bunkers require a blank-type facade. In order to balance these the scale of these windowless concrete blocks with the rest of the building and its urban context, a custom folding facade pattern has been developed. Manifested in shimmering colour gradients everchanging with the movement of the sun, the building mass seems to be dissolving at its ends. This animated effect is metaphorically and figuratively reflecting the cancer treatments happening within.

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Digital Craftsmanship

The design process relied heavily on digital tools and custom-made software created for the simulation of design variants, technical development, and optimization of construction details. However, the choice of materials and the elaboration of details were deliberately rooted in traditional handcrafted execution to promote the dwindling craft of sheet-metal workers. Seemingly contradictory, digital design meets masterful craftsmanship, lending the building a unique and recognizable character.

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Large glass fronts and an atrium in the building core flood the interior spaces with daylight and create a continuous connection to the adjacent park and extensive terraces on all floors. The spatial layout and furnishing are designed to offer patients and staff generous common areas as well as places of shelter. Textured surfaces, colour accents and natural materials convey a sense of scale and touch in all interiors.

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