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We see our role as architects in mobilizing people to imagine, challenge and reshape our surroundings and create spaces that present a unique vision to the world.

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Listen & Learn

Meaningful architecture is not born out of thin air or based on the whim of an architect. Specific constraints arising from the clients' vision & needs, the social & cultural context, as well as the building site, or space of a project are the defining factors of a purposeful problem that is addressed by a specific design solution.

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Every project is an opportunity to create something with which we can identify as a person, group, brand or company and present this vision to the world. We are therefore less concerned with our signature but rather with the potential of communicating a unique and meaningful message that stems from the project itself.

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We believe our role as architects is to build bridges between craft, industry, a built object and the user. For us, encouraging all parties involved to go further, harvest trust and find meaning in what they create are key ingredients to creating something exceptional and valuable to the community.

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Do More

The whole should always be more than the sum of its parts. The will to dive deeper into a design problem allows for the discovery of alternative configurations often yielding added value for the same amount of energy, material and money allocated to a project. A good problem is always an opportunity.

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Technology & Craftsmanship

Our work is driven by research into digital technologies. For us these new technologies are not only about making existing processes more efficient, but rather harnessing their potential to rethink and redefine function, form and style. We believe technology is the key to reinventing craftsmanship and making it accessible to a broader public.

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We understand sustainability as a form of fitness. Fitness is the sense of a building performing it’s intended function well, but also in the evolutionary sense of a building’s ability to adapt and endure and thus extending its energetic and material lifecycle.