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ODYSSEY – MRI Diagnostic Radiology Practice


Healthcare interior, private practice

Reception room of a radiology center displaying wood paneled walls, accentuated lighting and a futuristic reception desk


When we were approached for the refurbishment of the existing private practice for diagnostic radiology, we were faced with a challenging location within the basement of a historic building. Characterized by narrow and dark spaces, most rooms offered no daylight and no direct reference to the outside world.

Our proposed solution resists the temptation to artificially reproduce these missing natural elements and instead pursues an honest approach to the given space. The result is a completely introverted interior accentuating artificiality in its forms, materials and lighting. The aim was to create a surreal, bright and open space hinting at the imaginative aesthetics of sci-fi spacecraft.


Dr. Tobias Schröter
MRT-Praxis Potsdam


Helene-Lange-Str. 11-12
DE-14469 Potsdam


LP 1-8 (preliminary design, concept design, technical documentation, bidding, construction supervision)




220m² NFA


Adam Vukmanov

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Wojciech Dziadkowiec

Adam Vukmanov Šimokov

Bjørn Hoffmann

Dressing rooms with custom built wood furniture and doors, round mirrors and light grey waving metal wall paneling
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Matt grey reception desk displaying a backlit waving 3d front made out of stacked wooden slats
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Interior design with curved metal clad walls, concealed lighting and structured reception desk
Surreal interior design with waving wall panels, concealed lighting and a tropical garden behind glowing frosted glass panes
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Materials & detailing

Wavingwall panels form soft-shaded vertical lines, visually lifting the ceilingheight. Concealed linear lighting on the ceiling and floor intuitively guidesthe patients within the space while blurring the transitions between wall,ceiling and floor; The space-forming surfaces seem to be levitating apart makingthe spaces appear larger.

Themonochrome, hard and industrially manufactured wall coverings in the circulationzones, are contrasted by oak panelled walls, doors and handcrafted woodenfurniture. These warm and natural accents mark the arrival in waiting, changingand consultation areas.

Wide shot of reception interior with oak paneled walls, felt carpets and flanked by two corridors with concealed linear lighting
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Custom build bent wood furniture with sink, upholstered bench and circular window cutout
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Thesenumerous visual effects were not only applied to develop a more generous andinviting interior. They are also deliberately designed to counteract the fearand claustrophobia many patients associate with MRI sessions. Reflecting thesame notion, the MRI-tube was equipped with video projections that visually expandthe confined tube and distract the patients.

Followinga patient-centred approach, ancillary areas, such as the changing rooms forpatients and staff or even a restroom, were not neglected as important placesof shelter and psychologically significant moments in the treatment experience.

Thecentral anchor point of the practice is the sculptural reception counter. Inspiredby the process of MRI, scanning the structures of the human body layer bylayer, the counter consists of wooden fins creating animated silhouettes as theviewer moves through the space.

Magnetic resonance imaging room with atmospheric color lighting and video projections integrated into the MRI tube
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Soft waved light grey wall panelling with concealed floor and ceiling lighting and wall mounted x-ray lightbox
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